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China Travel..!!

About China

Landscapes in China vary across its width. In the east on the shores of the Yellow Sea and the East China Sea the lands are densely populated. On the edges of the Inner Mongolian plateau in the north there are grasslands. In the South there are mountains that dominate. The central east of the country is marked by the flowing waters of two rivers Yellow River and Yangtze River. In the West lies the mighty Himalayas and arid desert the Gobi Desert. The world’s highest peak i.e. Mt. Everest lies on the Sino-Nepalese border. China’s climate is basically dry and wet monsoons are common throughout the land of China. There is temperature difference in winters with that of summers. China is nature’s paradise it is the abode to the Giant Panda. At the Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichaun one can be in its cute company. Every individual should plan out a visit to China. To enjoy the picturesque beauty of the terracotta Army of Xian, Buddhist caves, temples of Tibet, Great Wall of China and the ancient places of Beijing and Shanghai.


The Chinese culture has been influenced by Confucianism. There was a tradition of imperial examinations introduced in 605 AD to help the emperor select the competitors on the basis of their performance. The emphasis of these exams in general was to refine culture and the art of calligraphy, poetry, and painting. In today’s situation Chinese culture has seen revival of Chinese art, literature, music, film, fashion and architecture. It has become the third most visited country in the world. An estimate of 55.7 million international visitors visited China in 2010. Isn’t that an enough reason to be making a trip to China?


Beijing hotels give remarkable facilities to the tourists coming to China. Some hotels like Hilton Hotel, Marriot Hotel, Kempensky Hotel and Great Wall Sheraton Hotel offer five star facilities and are of international standards.
The hotels are well known for their warmth and hospitality.

Cities to Travel in China

A tour around China would take one to various cities like Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guilin and Hong Kong. This visit takes one to museum of art, a trip to Suzhou and visits the well-known gardens; The Li River Cruise is another famous destination which shall make the trip memorable. A day at Xian shall be wonderful for sight-seeing and said to be the eighth wonder of the world the terracotta Soldiers Museum is worth watching. The Ancient city Wall in Xian is a prime attraction of the trip. No wonder you shall be on top of the world. In Urumqi there is Nashan Pasture the place is of scenic beauty where one shall watch snow topped mountains. Cheer your spirits with the cheerful people of China here. The city of Turpan this place is of ancient relevance as it has the Ancient Silk Road trading post. Here one can see the Karez Irrigation site also. On the way from Turpan to Dun Huang one can see the Gaochang Ruins, the capital in the 7th century. The Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves, the Grape Valley are worth watching. Then once in Dun Huang This place has Magao Caves which is listed as the World Heritage Sites. A short camel ride along the Echoing-Sand Dune to reach the Cresent Lake is like having the feel of China.